About Bryant

The Bryant name has been a staple in homes since 1908 when Charles Bryant started production on HVAC equipment in Cleveland, Ohio. With his designs, the Bryant brand has lasted over 100 years. Through all that time, Bryant puts dependability and comfort above all else. 

Throughout the early 1900s, Bryant continued to grow their line of products to suit the needs of all homeowners. Before long, they were some of the biggest names in HVAC because of their dedication to new technology. As the company grew, they moved their headquarters over to Indianapolis, Indiana in 1955. 

Today, Bryant continues its dedication to innovation and comfort. Quality and reliability are their two main focuses, and it shows in their wide range of products. Homeowners choose between budget-friendly models, each with innovative technology to maximize comfort and minimize your energy bill. Because of this, Buckeye services Bryant products with great pleasure. 

Because there are so many products to choose from, homeowners are able to choose the right HVAC system for them. Even if homeowners only need one component to complete their HVAC system, Bryant has the right product to do the job. Commercial establishments also benefit from Bryant’s wide selection. Heating and cooling for your commercial space is affordable, comfortable, and reliable. 

The fact that Bryant has served homes for more than 100 years proves the reliability of their products. With their dedication to innovation and high efficiency, while maintaining comfort and reliability, Bryant keeps both the environment and the homeowner in mind when making products. Further, Bryant tests 100% of their products before shipping them out, so all products are safe and ready to use.

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Day & Night

About Day & Night

What began as a California-based solar water heating company in 1909 later became Day & Night—one of America’s most reliable HVAC companies. Space heaters, residential heating, and commercial heating soon became staples of the brand’s product line. Day & Night prioritizes energy efficiency and reliability in their products. 

Because of their 100 years of experience, Day & Night continuously improves on past designs to ensure the best output for homeowners. The brand knows the importance of reliability when it comes to HVAC systems, so they engineer products that last. This dedication to high quality pieces of equipment makes Buckeye proud to service their products. 

Day & Night offers great warranties to give homeowners peace of mind. Their No Hassle Replacement™ limited warranty extends to their premium products, which means they want homeowners to know they are covered no matter what happens. 

Additionally, Day & Night products all keep efficiency in mind. The SEER rating, or seasonal energy efficiency ratio, of most products is around 19 to 22. For those don’t know, that rating is exceptional! Products also have up to 97% AFUE, or annual fuel utilization efficiency. All in all, homeowners trust Day & Night to provide the most energy efficient technology.

Finally, the units themselves are quiet and compact. Homeowners hardly notice when the units turn on and off because of how little sound they make. The design of the units are sleek and blend in seamlessly with the home.

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About Heil

Originally a Wisconsin-based company, Heil moved to Tennessee in the 1950s. Heil started off with space heaters, and quickly moved into nearly every HVAC product available. With their dedication to energy efficiency and comfort, Heil treats homeowners to quality products for an affordable price. 

Buckeye services Heil products with pleasure. Because the Heil name carries such respect in the world of HVAC, homeowners and technicians both know a Heil product means quality results. The company’s focus on efficiency, comfort, and innovation keep them on top.

With SEER ratings of up to 19, Heil allows homeowners to benefit from low-impact products. High SEER, or seasonal energy efficiency ratio, ratings, homeowners pay less for energy over time. Additionally, the AFUE, or annual fuel utilization efficiency, ratings all fall between 80 and 97%. This means products consistently improve their efficiency every year. 

Heil’s No Hassle Replacement™ warranty gives homeowners extra peace of mind. While Heil’s products are reliable and high quality, accidents happen. Whenever homeowners experience unexpected problems, they are covered by the warranty for up to 10 years. 

Heil designs their units with the homeowner in mind. With the clean, simple design, homeowners are able to easily understand how the system works. Many of their products include dehumidification components to reduce the moisture in the air. This improves the air quality overall and gives homeowners a more enjoyable experience in the home. 

In addition, customization is of great importance to Heil. All homeowners are different, which means they all need HVAC systems to fit their specific needs. Their Observer communicating system allows homeowners to control in up to six zones in the home. Smart Recovery adjusts the zones as necessary to fit the needs of the homeowner. 

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About Payne

D. W. Payne built a gravity-type furnace in a Los Angeles barn in 1914. Shortly after, Payne manufactured the first floor furnace for crawl spaces. As their 100-year reign endures, Payne continues to innovate and improve their HVAC products.

The products Payne offers each keep quality and comfort in mind. Buckeye services Payne products with pride because they know the products are already built to last. Dependable products like air conditioners, gas furnaces, coils, and more each come at a reasonable price. To increase the comfort of any home, Payne makes their products budget-friendly.

One of Payne’s main goals lies in access. They ensure their products are easy to use for all homeowners. The simple, compact designs allow for maximum understanding of how the products work. The sleek look of their gas furnaces and air conditioners allow homeowners to heat and cool their homes without compromising on aesthetics. Homeowners hardly know they’re there. 

In addition, Payne prioritizes air quality with their products. Many come with air purifier and humidifier compatibility to improve the quality of your air. Plus, when paired with a programmable thermostat, gas furnaces and air conditioners help control the humidity in the home. This ensures homeowners are always comfortable. 

Finally, the warranties Payne provides are longer than many other brands. For parts, most products have a 10-year limited warranty. For the heat exchanger in gas furnaces, the warranty goes up to 20 years. Homeowners know they can rely on these products for decades to come. If something goes wrong between now and then, the warranty ensures the expenses are minimal.

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About Tempstar

Though Tempstar is a relatively new HVAC company, they provide homeowners with quality comfort and products that last. Tempstar’s goal revolves around exceptional efficiency and comfort. Their hard-working products allow homeowners to rest comfortably in their home because they know Tempstar HVAC systems are built to last. 

100% of Tempstar products are run tested, which means they are all inspected for quality and reliability before they enter the market. Because of this, Buckeye proudly services Tempstar products. This company is one of the most trusted brands for dealers, and it shows in the quality of their products. 

The warranties offered by Tempstar last up to 10 years on all of the parts. Compressors have their own warranty to give extra security to homeowners. Additionally, the products in their budget-friendly Performance Series all have SEER ratings from 13 to 19, which means homeowners don’t need to compromise on efficiency if funds are tight. SEER ratings are the seasonal energy efficiency ratios, and the higher they are, the more efficient the unit!

Tempstar also keeps different climates in mind when they design their systems. For example, some units are specially made for coastal regions. These models offer protection from salty air caused by close proximity to the ocean. This ensures the unit lasts a long time despite corrosive coastal air. 

Lastly, Tempstar also offers high-end units for those who want a deluxe experience. These models come with a 10-year, no hassle replacement warranty and the highest SEER ratings out of all of their products. Plus, these units are incredibly quiet, so homeowners hardly know they’re there.

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About Lennox

Lennox began in 1895 with the world’s first riveted-steel furnace. After this point, Lennox went on to head the HVAC sphere with innovative technologies and a dedication to efficiency. In 1952, Lennox expanded their products to include residential central air conditioning systems. As the world’s leading residential and commercial HVAC company, Lennox continues to lead the way in innovation.

It’s this focus on innovation that makes Buckeye so proud to service Lennox products. Because Lennox continuously improves their units to reflect the needs of the planet on the whole, their products are top of the line when it comes to efficiency. In 2013, Lennox created the XC25—the most efficient air conditioner on the market. With a SEER rating of 26, this air conditioner blows other units away in terms of energy efficiency. 

In addition to the high SEER rating and overall efficiency benefits, Lennox’s Healthy Climate Solutions™ work with HVAC systems to improve air quality in residential and commercial spaces. This initiative focuses on improvement of air quality through humidity control, air purification, and no ozone production. Many air cleaners produce ozone in their processes, which irritates the lungs. The PureAir™ purification system, however, reduces ozone levels throughout the home. 

Their commercial products tailor to the needs of every industry. Lennox ensures their commercial products are able to fit the demands of every kind of business, which means they prioritize comfort and efficiency. From education buildings to healthcare facilities, Lennox covers the bases with their commercial systems.


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About Ducane

Since 1947, Ducane has focused on quality heating and cooling for an affordable price. Their products prioritize the homeowner with their easy to use designs and low-cost prices. Because of their dedication to comfort and cost, Ducane products are exceptional for new homeowners or those looking for low-cost options. 

The warranties offered by Ducane are long lasting to accommodate the needs of every home. Heat exchangers in every gas and oil furnace come with a limited lifetime warranty. This ensures the heating in every home is covered when unexpected problems arise. Additionally, other parts all have a 10-year warranty for the homeowner’s peace of mind. 

Each of their products go through quality testing to ensure the durability and functionality of the unit. Buckeye services Ducane products because we know they are built with longevity in mind. In addition to their quality, the products in Ducane’s range each save homeowners money in the long run. Because of the energy efficiency these units provide, the homeowner’s energy bill decreases every year.

Ducane’s furnaces, air conditioners, and heat pumps are each exceptional in the energy efficiency department. Their SEER, AFUE, and HSPF ratings are all well above the governmental standard. Each of these ratings represents the seasonal energy efficiency, annual fuel utilization, and heating season performance, respectively. The higher these ratings, the more money homeowners save on utility bills every year.

Ducane offers their exclusive Omniguard™ coils to protect coils in the heating and cooling system from corrosion. These coils are made to last through the toughest conditions. They come with protection against aerosols, paint emanations, and other VOCs—or volatile organic compounds. This increases the durability of the coils and keeps homes comfortable without any worry of corrosion.

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About Armstrong

Armstrong came to be in 1928 as a part of the Lennox Furnace Company. What started as a furnace company has become one of the most trusted air conditioning and heating brands in America. With a dedication to comfort and low environmental impacts, Armstrong produces top of the line products that homeowners trust.

Buckeye services Armstrong equipment with care and pride. Because their products are made to last and use the newest technologies, they are easy to use and maintain. For example, Armstrong continuously makes improvements to their manufacturing processes. They do not include any VOCs—volatile organic compounds—in their production. Additionally, materials are mostly recycled, and they generate zero wastewater during production. 

Their mission statement focuses largely on research and continuous improvement. The design engineers at Armstrong are able to test their new inventions easily with our 40,000-square-foot research facility. This space allows engineers to create the highest quality equipment with the newest technology available. As a result, our products and replacement parts are always improving. 

Armstrong also understands the differences between every homeowner. While some are able to afford more deluxe HVAC equipment, others need budget-friendly options. At Armstrong, no homeowner suffers because of their budget. With their flexible financing options, Armstrong allows homeowners with smaller budgets to acquire the model they really want. They ensure homeowners never compromise on their needs because of the price.

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About Allied

In 1928, Allied entered the HVAC scene as a part of the Lennox International’s company. There are two facets of Allied—Allied Air Enterprises and Allied Commercial. Each of these are committed to quality HVAC products.

Allied Air Enterprises consists of Armstrong Air, AirEase, Concord, Ducane, Allied Commercial, and Magic-Pak. These are some of the best HVAC sellers on the market. As a part of the Lennox group, all of these companies stands by customer satisfaction and quality comfort. The multitude of products offered by each of Allied Air Enterprise’s companies ensures all customers receive the proper piece of equipment for their needs.

Allied Commercial supplies industries with durable heating and cooling. These systems are built to last, and provide commercial spaces with high quality air. Installation and maintenance are easy with Allied products. As a result, Buckeye proudly services these units. 

The needs of commercial spaces are different than residential environments. Allied Commercial knows those differences and aims to raise the standard for commercial heating and cooling. Many of their products come in a variety of sizes to fit the needs of every space. Because of this, the units are more efficient with their energy. 

Allied emphasizes the importance of customization in their products. Nearly every unit comes in multiple sizes, varying heating capacities, and can be configured in many ways. Customers usually associate this amount of customization with a high price point. However, Allied keeps unit costs as low as possible. Their products fit to your needs and to your budget.

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About AirEase

For more than 80 years, AirEase has created trusted heating and cooling systems for homeowners everywhere. As one of Lennox Furnace Company’s leading manufacturers, AirEase provides homes across America with quality air with high efficiency. 

Affordable heating and cooling are the staples of AirEase. Buckeye proudly services AirEase products because they serve homeowners well for as long as possible. They create their high-quality HVAC equipment in Orangeburg, South Carolina, which means all AirEase products are made right her in America. All equipment is run tested before leaving the facility to ensure the functionality and safety of every product. 

AirEase also keeps environmental concerns at the forefront of their mission statement. AirEase doesn’t use any VOCs—or volatile organic compounds—in their manufacturing processes, which cuts down on gas emissions. Plus, recycled materials are used when possible to cut down on waste. The refrigerants in each of their products—R410a—doesn’t deplete the ozone either, which means homeowners rest easy knowing their HVAC equipment has no effect on the environment.

With their dedication to innovation, their headquarters in Lexington County, South Carolina includes a giant space for engineers to develop new ideas. The people who work at AirEase want to improve the lives of homeowners across the country, so they constantly test new ideas and technologies to deliver the latest products and replacement parts. 

Lastly, homeowners like to know their HVAC equipment is made by people who have their best interests at heart. At AirEase, this is certainly the case. The engineers and business professionals at AirEase are dedicated to the comfort of homeowners. With every new product, each member of the team puts their all into invention, production, and testing. This ensures homeowners receive the best HVAC product possible.

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