Air Conditioning Maintenance
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Columbus Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air conditioners and heat pumps are important home appliances, and they don’t come cheap. Protect your Columbus air conditioning system with annual air conditioner maintenance tune ups that work to preserve AC system performance and energy efficiency. AC maintenance helps you save on energy bills and reduces the likelihood of breakdowns while keeping your warranty coverage intact.

Every year, a cooling system can lose up to 5% operating efficiency due to normal wear and tear along with dust and dirt buildup inside the unit. A drop in efficiency impacts your air conditioner’s cooling ability, which could leave your family with less comfort indoors.

Professional air conditioner maintenance keeps this important equipment in good shape so it serves your family reliably for years to come. Buckeye Heating, Cooling & Plumbing performs air conditioner maintenance services that deliver the care your system needs to run at its best.

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Benefits of Annual Air Conditioning Tune-Up Service

Air conditioning maintenance for Columbus air conditioners and heat pumps is a simple service with great rewards. Some of the benefits that come with regular cooling tune ups include: 

Better Energy Efficiency 

Maintenance tune ups eliminate the issues that restrict system performance and in turn, system energy efficiency. With these issues out of the way, your air conditioner or heat pump operates with higher energy efficiency for the season. 

Lower Energy Bills 

Better energy efficiency means your air conditioner or heat pump doesn’t need as much energy to do its job. As a result, your electricity bills won’t be as high. The savings maintenance generates on energy costs can pay for a tune up over the year! 

Better Indoor Air Quality 

An air conditioner tune up eliminates dust, dirt, and other contaminants hiding within your cooling equipment. When these particles are removed, there’s no risk of them circulating back into your home with the air supply, so your family benefits from cleaner air. Maintenance steps such as coil cleaning and condensate drain system cleaning can remove any mold growing in the system and prevent its growth, protecting your household from potentially hazardous exposure. 

Fewer Repairs 

Maintenance tune ups keep cooling system components in good shape so they are less likely to break down due to damage. A trained eye on your system during maintenance creates an opportunity to spot system flaws in the beginning stages for early correction. Air conditioner maintenance helps prevent system breakdowns and associated repair calls and fees. 

Valid Warranty Coverage 

HVAC system manufacturers require professional maintenance on an annual basis to preserve their equipment warranties. If you skip a tune up, your warranty may not cover expensive repairs later on. Invest in professional maintenance to make sure your warranty covers you as expected. 

Longer System Life 

Air conditioners last an average of 10 to 15 years; heat pumps average around 10 to 12 years. With regular maintenance, it’s possible for cooling systems to last even longer. Annual maintenance over the years can keep your cooling unit in service longer, so you don’t have to purchase a new system sooner than you’d planned to. 

Buckeye’s True Comfort Membership 

Buckeye Heating, Cooling & Plumbing makes air conditioning maintenance a breeze for our Columbus area neighbors. Join our True Comfort Membership plan to ensure your annual heating and cooling tune ups are always taken care of. 

While your system’s preventative maintenance needs are met, you also gain advantages and discounts to be used when and if you are in need of other cooling or HVAC services. Check out the benefits of joining our True Comfort Membership: 

  • 2 annual maintenance tune ups (1 heating, 1 cooling) 
  • No overtime charges for emergency repairs 
  • Priority scheduling 
  • Free diagnostics with repair 
  • $20 off diagnostic exam without repairs 
  • 15% discount on repairs 
  • 15% discount on new indoor air quality products 
  • 5% discount on new HVAC equipment 
  • 2-year parts and labor warranty 

Common Air Conditioning Maintenance Questions 

Air conditioning maintenance is a very important step that needs to be part of your home care routine. Buckeye Heating, Cooling & Plumbing explains the important facets of air conditioning maintenance. 

How frequently do cooling systems need to be serviced? 

HVAC manufacturers recommend yearly maintenance for air conditioners. For heat pump systems, these units should receive tune ups two times per year – this is because they function as both a heater and an air conditioner.  

When should I schedule maintenance? 

Maintenance is beneficial any time of year. Ideally, you want to schedule your tune up prior to time to start up the system for the season – but if you don’t get around to it, do not skip it for the year! We recommend you schedule air conditioning maintenance tune ups in the spring, and heating tune ups in the fall. These are the times of year where you won’t have to wait as long and your system will be ready to go when the weather changes. 

Can I skip a maintenance tune up? 

Whatever you do, don’t skip your air conditioner tune up for the year! If you do, it may invalidate your manufacturer’s equipment warranty, as most producers of HVAC equipment require annual tune up service performed by a licensed professional for their units. Skipping a tune up means your system won’t be as efficient, its performance won’t be as reliable, and wear and tear damage can build up faster to cause repair issues. 

What maintenance steps are performed during a tune up? 

There are many steps performed during an air conditioner tune up. Buckeye Heating, Cooling & Plumbing delivers comprehensive maintenance care for air conditioners and heat pumps, including: 

  • Test controls function 
  • Calibrate thermostat and test operation 
  • Tighten electrical connections 
  • Clean drain pan and condensate line 
  • Lubricate bearings and moving parts 
  • Clean indoor and outdoor coils 
  • Measure refrigerant charge 
  • Check air filter 

How much does air conditioner maintenance cost? 

Air conditioning maintenance tune ups are quite affordable, usually running under $100. At this price, you can’t afford not to schedule a tune up! The savings and warranty protection provided can more than cover the cost of your annual tune ups. 

How do I care for my air conditioner between maintenance tune ups? 

Professional tune ups aren’t the only care your air conditioner or heat pump needs during the year. Between tune ups, take the following steps to maintain and care for your cooling system: 

  • Keep the outdoor unit clean and free of debris. Brush away leaves, grass, mulch, and other debris that gather on the fins. Remove weeds and vines growing up around the unit from its base. Prune back shrubs to keep at least two feet of clear space surrounding the unit. Remove any outdoor items stored in the immediate vicinity of your unit. 
  • Check the air filter monthly and change it as needed. Note you may need to replace the filter more often during the summer and winter, as the HVAC system is more heavily used during these times. If you are unsure whether you should replace the filter or not, hold it up to a light – if light shines through, it has life left; if you cannot see any light through the layer of contaminants, replace the filter with a fresh one and throw the old filter away. 

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