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Garbage Disposal Installation and Repair in Columbus

The best garbage disposals are a huge time saver in kitchens throughout the Columbus, Ohio area.  Garbage disposal use simplifies kitchen cleanup, providing an easy way to dispose of food scraps and food particles leftover on countertops.  From basic models to continuous feed disposals, there are equipment options for any user. Many homeowners rely on this equipment heavily, which makes a malfunctioning old disposal that much more of a problem.

A new disposal or an old disposal can sustain damage due to improper installation or improper use. Sending certain types of trash, even small pieces, down into your garbage disposal will quickly result in damage to the motor or lead to jams and clogs which can break other components and cause a lot of unwanted noise. Clogs can form when you flush fats, grease, and oils down into the disposal and odors will also develop in sinks when food is left lingering down in the grind chamber. A loose garbage disposal will produce excess vibration as it operates, which can damage flexible mounting connections as well as kitchen sink hardware.

It’s incredibly easy to send something improper down your garbage disposal and into your plumbing pipes. If you need to repair your unit or even replace it, turn to Buckeye Heating, Cooling & Plumbing.  Our plumbing professionals can take a look at your garbage disposal and determine the current problems affecting it. If a break occurs that is beyond repair, we can install a new one quickly so you don’t have to live without your garbage disposal to handle food waste for long. We can help you find the best garbage disposals to meet your demands, including ones that are safe for use with septic systems, a model with garbage disposal features such as batch feed or continuous feed, high horsepower garbage disposal motors, or even those with sound baffles to control noise.

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Identifying Garbage Disposal Problems

A number of problems can affect the performance of garbage disposals. After you purchase and install the unit, it’s important to use it correctly to avoid these disasters. The following common symptoms are experienced by homeowners throughout the Columbus, Ohio area at one time or another. Our Columbus plumbers share the likely problem behind the signs.

The garbage disposal’s motor keeps running but food waste stays stuck in the grind chambers and does not exit down the drain.

– There is probably a clog either in the lower part of the grind chamber or in your drain pipes.

Pools of water are developing underneath your sink opening.

– These puddles are probably from a leak in the garbage disposal. This leak may be due to damage or a problem with the installation.

When you turn on the power supply, nothing happens.

– If your garbage disposal does not start running when you flip the power switch or plug in the power cord, the unit may have tripped. Overfilling grind chambers with food scraps or improper items like bones can cause garbage disposals to overheat. When they overheat, the GFCI will trip. There should be a reset button located on the bottom of the unit – press this and see if you are able to restart the unit.

Remember, any time you attempt to fix a garbage disposal issue yourself, you want to make sure you are doing so safely. It’s important to disconnect the power supply prior to doing any work on your garbage disposal to prevent accidents. Remove the power cord from the wall socket and disconnect the power supply to the unit via the home’s main electrical panel.

Maintenance For Garbage Disposals

If you take care of your garbage disposal over the years, you can keep the unit in service for a longer period of time and enjoy reliable performance over that period. Maintenance for your garbage disposal is fairly easy and it includes the following steps:

  1. Do not feed any material down into the grind chamber that is not appropriate food scraps. Keep out items like bones, silverware, and other organic matter that can harm the unit. The garbage disposal cannot handle these items and if they are in the grind chamber when the blades turn on, they can cause a jam to the motor or break impeller blades.
  2. Garbage disposals need to be cleaned regularly or else odors can develop. After using it, insert some dish soap into the chamber and allow it to run with cold water for about 1 minute.
  3. Prevent corrosion and rusting within your garbage disposal by using it on a regular basis. Regular use keeps parts moving so that they do not seize.
  4. Make sure you’re not turning the garbage disposal off too soon. You want to leave it running for a little while after your food waste has been pulverized and washed down the drain. Leave the garbage disposal to run for at least a minute along with the water supply to flush out all material and avoid clogs.
  5. Always use cold water with your garbage disposal. Cold water temperatures will cause materials to harden so they can be handled more easily by the garbage disposal.
  6. Don’t attempt to stuff large pieces of waste into continuous feed disposals or batch feed models. Instead, chop this material into smaller portions and feed it through the garbage disposal slowly. Doing so will prevent the unit from overheating and help you avoid a clog.
  7. Protect your garbage disposal by using a drain strainer. This tool will keep inappropriate items from accidentally falling down into the chamber.
  8. Occasionally run pieces of a lemon peel as well as ice cubes through the garbage disposal with running water. This method or the use of some borax powder can prevent odors caused by mold or mildew growth inside the garbage disposal.
  9. Leave the water running until after you turn off the garbage disposal. Never turn off the water supply before the garbage disposal.
  10. Do not use commercial drain cleaners to clean your garbage disposal. These products contain chemicals that can be harmful to plumbing materials like pipes and appliances. Instead, use natural solutions to clean the device and prevent unwanted smells.

Installing a New Garbage Disposal

How do you determine the right time to replace your garbage disposal? If your unit is many years old, you can benefit from an upgrade as new models offer many features that weren’t available when your original unit was first installed. The best garbage disposal options have high horsepower garbage disposal motors and multiple grind stages to completely pulverize material and simplify your cleanup. The auto reverse feature is nice to help avoid jams. New units offer easier installation so you can start using your upgraded garbage disposal right away.

Garbage Disposal Repair in Columbus, OH

A garbage disposal that will not start or does not run correctly can create a big problem for homeowners who rely on this unit to dispose of kitchen trash. If your garbage disposal does not appear to turn on at all, first attempt to reset the GFCI outlet or the button on the bottom of the unit. If you are unable to get the garbage disposal started this way, you need to call a plumber to have it inspected.

The licensed Ohio plumbers of Buckeye Heating, Cooling & Plumbing are able to correct all sorts of issues that affect garbage disposals, from broken blades to bones jammed inside the motor or impeller and everything in between. Contact us today to fix your broken garbage disposal right away.

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