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Over the cold winter heating season, common problems can impact the efficient performance of furnaces as well as their abilities to produce heat. Furnace problems can involve malfunctions and defects in various parts of the heating system such as the heat exchanger, electric ignition, pilot light, limit switch, blower, ductwork, or even the thermostat, as well as poor system operating conditions, which can be caused by air flow blockages stemming from dirty air filters, and more.

The presence of a furnace problem can make it difficult to maintain a comfortable warm air temperature across the house. When the furnace in your Columbus, Ohio area home needs heating repair, Buckeye Heating, Cooling & Plumbing’s professional technicians are ready to complete the repair service you need. Schedule a service call with a fully licensed furnace repair technician on our team for a full inspection and repairs. Technicians thoroughly inspect all parts of the malfunctioning furnace to accurately identify any faults present and perform the proper repair to fully restore system performance. Whether your heating system requires repair of a single component or replacing parts through the installation of quality replacement components is necessary, the inspection and repair services can be completed right away in most casesmost homeowners in Columbus greatly appreciate the superior service of a technician who can get a furnace fixed fast and restore heat quick!

Any heating cooling HVAC system, from air conditioning units to heat pumps to furnaces, certainly isn’t known for conveniently timing its breakdown. Residents across the Columbus, OH area experience the need for furnace repairs at all hours of the day! Buckeye Heating, Cooling & Plumbing always has professional technicians on call to solve your HVAC issues in the dead of night as well as over the winter holidays and long weekends.

In our industry, we are in the business of keeping people comfortable and keeping homes supplied with plenty of heated air – we feel it’s a good sign that our customers continue to call and trust our technicians for care that goes beyond furnace repairs, like furnace maintenance services and system installation when new equipment upgrades for furnaces, air conditioning, and heat pumps are desired. So if you’re in need of furnace repair service in the Columbus, OH area, don’t wait – contact Buckeye Heating, Cooling & Plumbing to schedule services today.

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Turn to Buckeye Heating, Cooling & Plumbing for Columbus Furnace Repairs

Furnace problems can develop right under your nose, taking you by surprise when the air temperature is cold outside. Homeowners can experience great discomforts and frustrations when a natural gas or oil furnace, and even furnaces that are powered by electrical services, experience setbacks with their performance and energy efficiency that leave a house without the warm air needed to maintain the temperature during winter.

Customers in the Columbus, OH area need a partner in the HVAC industry whom they can trust to provide superior service and make sure their furnace is fixed right away. The fully licensed professional heating service technicians of Buckeye Heating, Cooling & Plumbing are that partner for our customers – because they’re not simply our customers, but they’re our neighbors in this community, too.

When you don’t have enough heat or your furnace struggles to generate enough warm air to properly heat your house, you don’t have any time to waste searching for qualified technician to service your HVAC heating equipment. Buckeye Heating, Cooling & Plumbing employs a team of NATE-certified furnace repair technicians who have the knowledge and skills needed to complete repair service on any brand or model of malfunctioning furnace.

Schedule a service call with Buckeye Heating, Cooling & Plumbing today and let our team of licensed HVAC technicians repair furnace flaws and install replacement parts to restore the efficient heating performance you expect from your system.

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Emergency Furnace Repair Technician Always Available in Columbus, OH

The cold winter months of heating season are certainly not an ideal time to find yourself without a working furnace. The only thing that could make a lack of heating worse is if your furnace happened to fail in the middle of the night, on a Sunday afternoon, or better yet – on New Year’s Eve! Scheduling regular maintenance services for the furnace is one way homeowners can ensure their ducts and furnace system are in good condition and less likely to break down, but system service issues can happen in even the most well cared for furnaces – at any time!

Don’t worry that you may be forced to spend your holidays without heating! Buckeye Heating, Cooling & Plumbing is always available to perform the furnace repair services you need. Our technicians arrive as quickly as possible and complete a comprehensive inspection so that your furnace issues can be identified and repaired with minimal disruption to your day (or night). We provide you with an upfront quote for the cost of your furnace repair and get to work once you give us the go-ahead.

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How Can Customers Determine If Their Furnace Requires Repairs?

A complete lack of heating and a furnace that fails to turn on give a clear message that repairs need to be performed by a qualified technician. However, not all issues that can impact a furnace are quite so obvious. In many repair situations, a furnace can continue to run when malfunctions are present in the system – but doing so puts your furnace at risk for greater damage and more extensive repairs that come at a higher cost.

You don’t want to damage your furnace by operating it when it needs repairs, but you don’t want to waste money on unnecessary service call fees, as a free estimate is not part of repair service. In order to get your furnace the professional care it needs, when a technician is needed, Columbus, OH homeowners need to be able to recognize the system symptoms that indicate something is not right.

Below, find some of the clear warning signs furnaces often produce when malfunctions or defective parts are present within the system. When you see these signs, you’ll know it’s time to arrange furnace repair services.

Loud and Unusual System Noise

Typical sounds associated with a furnace that is performing as it should are a click from the thermostat and a click from the burners at the start of a heating cycle. A consistent hum is produced as the blower runs and heat circulates through ductwork to living areas.

When a furnace produces any new sounds outside of what is typical as heating cycles start, run, or end, it’s a sign something is not right within the system. These are some common noises homeowners may hear and what furnace problems cause them – so if you hear one of these noises, call us for furnace repair services.

  • Grinding during a heating cycle, which typically comes from a worn-out bearing in the blower. The blower motor bearings are lubricated as part of furnace maintenance services each year to prevent this from happening, so if you’ve skipped your furnace’s regular maintenance tune up this year, it may be necessary for a technician to remove the bad bearing from the blow and install a replacement.
  • Clicking that repeats when the furnace first starts. This type of sound can be produced by a faulty flame sensor, ignitor, or gas valve.
  • A loud bang shortly after the furnace turns on. This noise is actually produced by a small explosion inside the furnace, caused by an issue called delayed ignition. Dirt, dust, and debris buildup on the burners or flame sensor, or faulty ignition components can fail to instruct the furnace to fire up when it should, which allows gas to build in the system. Once the pilot light or ignitors are able to fire up the system, the excess gas is combusted and produces this loud noise.
  • Squealing can happen when an issue occurs in the blower. If the blower motor and blower fan are linked by a belt, squealing results when that belt slips out of place or is damaged.

Short Heating Cycles

Typical heating cycles from a furnace last around 10 to 15 minutes. When cycles end in half that time or less and the furnace runs more frequent heating cycles as a result, this is an issue known as short cycling. Short cycling places the furnace under a lot of stress, increasing wear, generating energy waste, and causing damage to the system

Short cycling has many different causes in a furnace, which include:

  • Clogged air filters which limit air flow
  • Limit switch triggered early by the furnace overheating
  • Faulty temperature readings or miscommunications from a bad thermostat
  • A furnace that is too large for the house

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Buckeye Heating, Cooling & Plumbing performs comprehensive furnace repair services throughout the Greater Columbus, OH area. No matter what make or model of furnace you have at home or when you experience heating problems, our team of technicians is always available to help.

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