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Gas Plumbing Service in Columbus

Natural gas can be used to fuel individual appliances throughout the house, including water heaters, ovens, stoves, and heating units. Natural gas plumbing installation is the process of running natural gas lines through a home. Gas pipes lead to appliances and supply the natural gas or propane they need to operate.

When most homeowners think about plumbing, they think about water pipes and sewer lines – not gas pipes. Did you know that plumbers also install new gas piping in homes? Whenever you need new branch lines and drop lines installed to fuel new appliances, need to resituate the location of a gas line during renovations, or want to add a connection to natural gas utilities, it is important to work with a gas plumber. Installation or repair service for natural gas lines is not a DIY project homeowners should perform. Installing or fixing leaks in gas lines can be dangerous if you do not have the skills and experience to do so safely. Do not risk the safety of your family by attempting this job without a natural gas plumbing specialist.

Buckeye Heating, Cooling & Plumbing performs installation of natural gas plumbing lines as well as gas pipes for propane fuel in homes throughout the Columbus, Ohio area. A gas plumber from our team can also inspect your gas lines to identify leaks in copper, galvanized steel, plastic pipes, and corrugated stainless steel tubing gas lines, as well as leaks stemming from appliances including water heaters, gas furnaces, and kitchen appliances.

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Hiring a Propane and Natural Gas Plumber Is Important for Safety

It is extremely important that all gas piping, whether it is for natural gas or propane fuel, is installed correctly and in good condition. Improper installation, corrosion, and damage to the line create dangerous problems inside homes. For safety, customers should only work with companies that are licensed and qualified to perform the specialized plumbing work.

Installing gas plumbing should never be a DIY project. This specialized Columbus plumbing service should only be performed by a qualified gas plumber. Natural gas plumbers are professionals who have many years of experience completing installation and repair service on these critical plumbing pipes – these plumbers are typically not journeyman plumbers nor are they apprentices working under supervision. It takes a high level of knowledge and skill to install natural gas pipes that supply fuel to a gas appliance and complete service to repair gas leaks stemming from natural gas plumbing lines.

Natural Gas Plumbing Services in Columbus, OH

If your home is all-electric, your fuel choices are limited. However, you may have the option to install gas piping and connect to a natural gas utility supply pipe so that you are able to use natural gas appliances. Natural gas is safe and affordable. It is preferred by many homeowners in the Columbus, OH area, as gas furnaces and water heaters typically cost less to operate than a similar electric appliance.

Buckeye Heating, Cooling & Plumbing employs qualified natural gas and propane gas plumbers who install complete natural gas plumbing systems in homes that do not have an existing connection to utility natural gas lines. A gas plumber is able to safely install the natural gas lines necessary to supply gas throughout the home, placing branch lines and drop lines to facilitate the operation of a kitchen oven or cooktop, as well as a furnace or water heater in bathrooms or the utility room.

If your home has existing natural gas lines but their location needs to be moved or you wish to expand natural gas service inside, hiring our gas plumbers will ensure this job is performed correctly. We can relocate gas lines to accommodate layout changes during home renovation, as well as form new branch lines into a room of the residence so you can add an appliance.

Natural gas leaks create an extremely dangerous situation in a home if you do not fix them right away. If you notice signs of a leak from your gas lines or appliances, here are the safety instructions you need to follow:

  • Evacuate the home right away and get everyone to a spot that is a safe distance away from the structure.
  • As you exit, do not turn off the appliance or operate any electrical equipment, including switches and plugs.
  • On your way out, do not waste time opening or closing windows.
  • Once everyone is safely outside the house, call your natural gas utility provider to report the leak. Never use a cell phone inside if you suspect leaking natural gas – if you happen to be using the phone when you first notice signs of a natural gas leak, do not hang up your phone while indoors.

If your natural gas company has informed you that your indoor gas line or gas appliance is leaking, call Buckeye Heating, Cooling & Plumbing immediately. A gas plumber will be available to inspect your gas piping and equipment right away. We will complete the needed repairs as quickly as possible so you will be able to start using your natural gas equipment again safely.

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