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Burnham Commercial is a leading manufacturer of boilers for commercial and industrial use. Headquartered in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, the company’s production facility makes a full like of scotch, firebox, and cast iron boiler solutions in a range of sizes, as well as high-quality control systems. All Burnham Commercial boilers and components are made in the USA.

Burnham’s in-house research and development team utilize state-of-the-art programs to model and design their new boiler systems. Reliability and energy efficiency are at the forefront of product development. Each product must meet the company’s rigorous performance and safety evaluations before it is introduced to the market.

The company stands by their products, backing each boiler with a warranty up to 10 years. Burnham’s dedicated customer support team is available to help customers manage issues throughout the service life of their boilers. The company is always available to assist professionals and users with their thorough knowledge of boiler solutions and applications.

The advantage of using Burnham boilers for commercial and industrial applications is clear. Their products are quality, developed through innovation, and built with precision. Their flexibility, dependability, and efficiency are unmatched.

Burnham Commercial boilers offer outstanding energy efficiency up to 96 percent, with only 4 percent energy waste. As technology improves, the company continues to develop solutions that offer greater energy efficiency.

Companies using Burnham boilers appreciate that they are easy to maintain and use. Customer support is readily available to assist should issues arise.

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