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All central air conditioners and heat pumps require cooling maintenance on a regular basis. This professional HVAC system service is designed to improve air conditioning performance and energy efficiency, limit expensive repairs, and help homeowners keep the cooling system in use for more years of comfortable, cool air. During a preventative maintenance tune up, a licensed air conditioning technician will inspect all important components within the indoor unit and outdoor unit as well as the thermostat, perform cleaning and servicing to mitigate wear and tear, and identify potential system issues that could make it harder to stay cool this summer without repairs.

Homeowners in Columbus, OH and the surrounding communities schedule service with Buckeye Heating, Cooling & Plumbing when it’s time to undergo regular maintenance for their cooling equipment. Our team performs maintenance for any type of cooling unit you have installed at home, whether that be a central air conditioner, heat pump, or an air conditioning and heating system with multiple ductless room air conditioners installed throughout the house.

NATE-certified cooling maintenance professionals examine and service the key parts of your cooling system, including air filters, the condenser coil and evaporator coil, refrigerant lines, condensate drain, condenser unit, fans, compressor, electrical connections, circuit boards, and more. We analyze system starts, temperature drops, and electricity voltage so that adjustments can be made when needed to improve indoor air cooling. Just like you schedule service for seasonal heating maintenance prior to winter heating season, make cooling maintenance a priority in your Columbus, OH home each year!

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Improve Cooling System Condition and Performance with an Annual Maintenance Tune Up

The air conditioner, heat pump cooling and heating system, or ductless room air conditioners in your Columbus, OH area home require regular maintenance over the system’s service life to deliver maximum value for homeowners and their families. Prioritizing yearly maintenance service completed by a licensed cooling professional is an investment that will pay you back with considerable returns, as just one tune up annually can end up saving you thousands of dollars in the long run!

Buckeye Heating, Cooling & Plumbing performs comprehensive maintenance service for all air conditioner equipment types and models. When you make a tune up appointment part of your spring schedule, the benefits you can expect to gain include:

Higher System Efficiency

The different cleaning and servicing steps involved in cooling system preventative maintenance allow all components of your cooling unit to operate smoothly, so they are not hindered by wear and other issues that could force the system to consume excess energy as it runs. All parts operate efficiently, which minimizes energy waste and keeps your air conditioning bills low.

Fewer Breakdowns and Repairs

Without mounting wear and tear deteriorating the condition of your cooling system components, critical parts are less likely to malfunction as the air conditioner or heat pump unit runs to cool your home. Maintenance limits the occurrence of system breakdowns so you’re less likely to experience uncomfortable days without cooling in the home as you wait for professional repairs to be made. Keeping your air conditioner in service reliably can prevent your home from heating up to unsafe levels, which could pose a hazard to individuals in your household.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Parts within the indoor unit can experience reduced performance or may be damaged when dust, debris, and other microscopic particles find their way into the system as air circulates through the home during a cooling cycle. Running your air conditioning equipment with a dirty filter allows more particle contaminants to enter the unit where they have the opportunity to settle inside, and debris left behind in the unit can be picked back up and carried back into the home by the cooling process again and again. This is especially concerning if mold is growing on the evaporator coil or within the condensate drain pan – air flow cycles repeatedly transport mold spores into your home and spread them across all indoor spaces.

Cleaning of the blower chamber and evaporator coil as well as replacing a dirty filter, if necessary, allow these components to operate more efficiently and avoid the stressed performance that leads to breakdowns, but that’s not all – cleaning the system interiors and replacing clogged air filters keeps more particles out of your indoor air supply. Maintenance service rids your system of these bothersome agents so they stay out of your living areas and your loved ones don’t suffer the physical side effects of indoor exposure to common allergens and other air pollutants.

Longer Air Conditioning System Life

With cleaning and tune up work improving the condition of system parts so all components are capable of operating efficiently with less risk of breakdowns, maintenance is known to help homeowners achieve more years of useful service from central air conditioners, heat pumps, and ductless systems. Keeping your cooling system in peak condition helps you put more time between air conditioner replacement, which is an expensive job – you’ll save money on replacement costs, which typically run in the thousands of dollars range!

Warranty Protection

Heat pumps, air conditioners, and ductless HVAC equipment all come with a manufacturer’s warranty when the unit is new. The warranty offers coverage that spares homeowners significant expenses should a malfunction occur, caused by a manufacturing defect found within the warranty term. For new furnaces, coverage for the heat exchanger is a big plus; for cooling systems, replacing the compressor is a job you want warranty protection to cover.

Equipment warranties only last a certain period of time from the installation date, and only if you uphold your end of the deal. Many homeowners don’t realize there may be terms that must be fulfilled on the customer’s end to preserve the coverage and keep the warranty valid. Regular maintenance is the top requirement – most HVAC unit manufacturers require their systems receive professional tune ups on an annual basis, because this service is known to provide the benefits of better performance and reduced wear! If you decide to skip your yearly cooling tune up, you could be stuck paying for expensive repairs one day that would have been covered by that warranty.

Common Questions About Cooling Maintenance

Not every Columbus homeowner is familiar with the details of cooling maintenance, and we often receive a few specific questions about this service. Find the answers below so you can better understand how to protect your cooling system.

How often does an air conditioner or heat pump need professional maintenance?

Professional maintenance for cooling units is recommended once each year. Heating unit maintenance is also a once per year task, so to fully care for the maintenance needs of your home’s entire HVAC system, you’ll schedule a total of two tune ups yearly. If your home uses a conventional central air conditioner, that unit will receive a single yearly cooling tune up – the furnace counterpart will be tuned up for heating maintenance. In homes using heat pumps for both heating and air conditioning, the heat pump receives both tune ups each year because it works as both types of system.

We suggest you schedule your system maintenance tune ups at certain times of the year to gain the most benefit from this service. For cooling maintenance, schedule your appointment in the spring; for heating maintenance, schedule the visit in the fall – for both, the earlier, the better! When you have this service completed ahead of the summer or winter season, you’ll know your system is ready to go once the temperature changes and creates the need for heating or cooling inside your house.

As technicians inspect your unit, performance problems and damaged parts are identified with plenty of time to fix them. Fixing these issues ahead of the start of the summer cooling season or winter heating season ensures you won’t experience an unexpected system breakdown on that first hot or cold day. Many homeowners do find themselves in this situation each year and because it’s such a common problem, there is a longer wait to have a technician come out to inspect and repair your unit once the peak usage season starts.

What are the steps of a cooling tune up?

The steps completed during professional cooling maintenance differ than the steps for heating maintenance, as these systems have different components and function in different ways. A cooling tune up won’t include cleaning dirty burners or adjusting gas pressure – maintenance for an air conditioner or heat pump system will involve the following:

  • Check controls for correct operation
  • Verify thermostat temperature reading display readings and calibrate the unit when necessary
  • Tighten loose electrical connections
  • Condensate drain pan cleaning and removing clogs from the drain line
  • Cleaning the evaporator coil that’s inside the indoor unit
  • Cleaning the condenser coil that sits within the outdoor unit
  • Lubricate motor bearings and moving parts
  • Test amperage and electricity volt draw of the compressor during system starts
  • Straighten out bent fins on the condenser unit with a fin comb
  • Check refrigerant charge
  • Replace air filter if necessary

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