December 5, 2014

Today’s thermostats give homeowners an effective and innovative tool to use when it comes to saving money and ensuring that their family stays comfortable, even during the blazing heat of the summer and the bone-chilling snows of the winter. With the technological advances of modern thermostats, you can easily customize the temperature of your home to maximize comfort and savings. Learning about the various models that are available can help you make the right choice for your family.

Get Programming

The thermostats of today enable you to easily program the temperature of your home in advance so that you don’t have to babysit it all day. The ComfortSense 7000 Series Touchscreen Thermostat integrates the ease of touch-screen programming so that you can set your thermostat at the recommended 82 degrees in the summer at night or when you are gone during the day. Utilizing the thermostat’s settings allows you to program it to lower the temperature to 78 degrees as the morning comes or when you are en route to your home after work.

Go Remote

The iComfort Wi-Fi Touchscreen Thermostat combines the ease of a touch screen with the ability to program your thermostat from anywhere you have wi-fi. Use any device that has wi-fi – your tablet, smartphone, or laptop – and easily change your thermostat to take advantage of the cost savings that are realized during the winter when you reduce the temperature in your home.

When you are out of your home during the day for an extended period of time – for work, for example – set your thermostat to 58 degrees. This is warm enough to prevent your pipes from freezing but you will not be paying for heat that no one is using. Raise the temperature to 68 degrees so that you can enjoy the warmth of your home once you arrive back home in the evening.

Zone It

Let’s face it: everyone has different comfort levels when it comes to keeping the thermostat at an ideal place. You might like it to be slightly cooler when you are sleeping while you don’t want your newborn to be quite so cool while he is still young. With the iHarmony Zoning System, you have up to four zones that you can customize to ensure the maximum in comfort without compromising energy savings.

You can even accommodate sudden weather changes while you are away by using the wi-fi features that give you constant access to your zoning system thermostat. Use the other zones of the system to further reduce or raise the temperature in those rooms that you don’t use often in order to make the most of your energy savings.

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