Protect Your Investment with Professional Heating and Cooling Tune Up Services

Preventing Heating and Cooling Problems Starts with a Tune Up!

Over the typical heating and conditioning season, your HVAC system experiences wear related to normal use. Just like your car needs regular maintenance, so does a heating system and cooling system. One year of heating air conditioning use is equivalent to driving 100,000 miles – since you wouldn’t go that long without tune ups for your vehicle, make an HVAC tune up part of your regular maintenance routine.

HVAC tune ups keep your heating and cooling system in top shape. This professional service preserves equipment performance and energy efficiency to keep energy costs low, ensures operation safety, and corrects wear and tear issues that create the need for repair and cut years off system service life.

To ensure heating and cooling tune ups are done properly¸ schedule HVAC tune ups with a professional technician from your trusted HVAC company. Buckeye Heating & Cooling performs thorough inspection and HVAC maintenance for your heating and air conditioning system in Columbus, OH and the surrounding areas.

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Why Does an HVAC System Need HVAC Tune Ups?

When the technician from your HVAC company mentions the need for an HVAC tune up, it isn’t just an upsell – this service is essential to the energy efficiency, performance, and service life of your heating system and cooling system equipment! If you only do one thing to maintain your HVAC equipment each year, it should be scheduling tune ups in the fall and spring – but please don’t stop there!

So, why is HVAC system maintenance so important?

Increase Efficiency and Lower Energy Costs

Regular use causes HVAC components to wear out and allows the system to accumulate dust, dirt, and debris. The components will stress under these conditions, making it hard for the furnace, heat pump, or air conditioner to run at optimal efficiency levels. The quality of heating or cooling you feel inside the home will decline, but your energy bills will rise as the system draws more electrical power and gas energy to operate. Tune ups alleviate these issues so your system runs more efficiently, keeping energy costs low.

Prevent Breakdowns and the Need for Repairs

The same issues and conditions that cause poor energy efficiency also inflict damage upon your HVAC system. Wear and tear will eventually cause parts to break down, which can cause the system to run poorly or fail to turn on altogether. Without maintenance, wear accumulates creating more extensive system issues over time. What could have been repaired easily last season may require significant repair or replacement later on.

Maintenance cares for components so they do not become damaged by regular heating and cooling use. A tune up also provides an opportunity for a professional to inspect the system, which leads to the identification of minor defects so repairs can be performed while the issue is still small rather than allowing it to develop into something severe enough to take the system out of service or require brand new HVAC installation.

Protect Your Household’s Safety

Tune ups for a furnace, heat pump, or air conditioner also help the system to run safely. Malfunctions such as a cracked heat exchanger or damaged electrical wiring can create dangerous and even deadly safety issues when using a heating system or air conditioning system. During a tune up, your technician will inspect the condition and performance of these parts to ensure their quality, and repair or replace them when necessary to prevent related safety issues.

Keep Your Warranty in Place

After HVAC system installation, your new systems are protected by manufacturer warranty coverage for a period of time. The warranty pays for replacement parts or a new unit if certain issues should arise during that time frame. Most manufacturers require a yearly maintenance tune up to validate the warranty – if you skip regular HVAC tune ups, your warranty won’t be good when and if you need it. Repairing and replacing HVAC units is a costly investment, so make sure you aren’t stuck paying more and keep your warranty intact with tune ups each season.

What Do Tune Ups Include?

Heating and cooling systems are made up of many parts, so there are numerous steps involved when a furnace or AC tune up is performed. Buckeye Heating & Cooling follows a thorough checklist to make sure each and every part of your furnace, air conditioner, boiler, heat pump, or ductless unit is properly maintained.

Tasks involved in an HVAC maintenance tune up may include the following, depending on the system being serviced:

  • Replace air filter
  • Clean condensate drain
  • Tighten electrical connections
  • Lubricate motor bearings
  • Tighten fan belt tension
  • Measure voltage of electrical systems
  • Test safety controls
  • Clean dust from inside and outside the unit
  • Calibrate thermostat
  • Clean coils
  • Inspect refrigerant lines
  • Measure refrigerant charge
  • Measure gas pressure
  • Clean burners and burner assembly
  • Inspect exhaust system
  • Inspect heat exchanger
  • Test for carbon monoxide

In addition to these tips and tasks, inspection of the entire system takes place during heating and cooling tune ups. A professional technician from your HVAC company knows exactly what to look for while performing HVAC maintenance to ensure the system is in top shape, produces good air quality, operates at peak energy efficiency, and keeps your household safe. If flaws exist anywhere within the system, they will be found and corrected to keep you heating and cooling unit in good working order.

When Is It Time to Schedule Tune Up Services?

Maintenance tune ups for heating and cooling equipment should be performed once per year. The best time for scheduling these services is prior to the system’s peak operating season. This means heating system equipment should be serviced in the fall, in preparation for the winter heating season. Schedule cooling system units for maintenance service in the spring, ahead of the summer cooling season. While fall and spring are ideal times to schedule your tune ups, it’s never too late to have this service completed – even if you remember in the middle of summer or winter.

What Are the Costs Related to HVAC Maintenance Tune Ups?

Tune ups are a very affordable investment toward the care of your heating and cooling systems. Installation of a new unit will come at exponentially higher costs, which could have been put off for longer had you invested in regular maintenance services. Tune ups can cost under one hundred dollars to a few hundred dollars, depending on the company you call.

Buckeye Heating & Cooling helps you save when you take care of your HVAC maintenance needs through a True Comfort Membership! As a True Comfort Membership customer, your two annual tune ups are included and will be performed in the spring and fall at your convenience.

In addition to maintaining your HVAC units, True Comfort Membership plans provide quality savings throughout the year. Receive discounts on repairs and new HVAC products, including indoor air quality equipment! Access emergency repair services without overtime costs and free diagnostics when we make repairs.

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Maintenance Tips for Columbus Homeowners

Outside of professional maintenance for heating air conditioning units, homeowners should follow maintenance tips throughout the year to protect their air conditioning system and heating unit. Don’t leave maintenance to your tech twice per year – follow these tips to keep your regular HVAC needs met throughout the year.

Air Filters

One big mistake that damages HVAC units is using dirty air filters. The air filter in your HVAC system isn’t meant to last forever (even reusable filters require cleaning). If your air filter is completely clogged with pollutants removed from the air, the system has trouble circulating air. More energy is used and components are stressed, which leads to breakdowns and higher energy bills.

Filters should be checked and changed on a regular basis. Inspect your filter once per month, as new air filters are often needed sooner than expected, especially during the summer and winter when systems are in heavy use.

  1. Remove the filter from its compartment and inspect.
  2. If filter is full, throw it away and install a new filter.
  3. Make sure air filters are installed in the correct direction and are sized properly for the HVAC unit.

Clean the System

The outdoor heat pump or air conditioner condenser can gather dust and debris which restrict airflow. This affects the cooling process in the summer as well as heating cycles for heat pumps during the winter. Periodically, you should clean the outdoor unit to keep air moving through the HVAC system as intended.

  1. Remove dust and debris from the fins along the exterior of the unit.
  2. Pull up weeds and vegetation growing up the unit and surrounding its base.
  3. Trim back shrubs and branches that have grown up next to the unit.
  4. Clear away outdoor items like patio furniture, grills, and outdoor toys that have been stored next to the unit.
  5. Keep a clear space of two feet on all sides of the unit.

When it’s time to schedule your next heating or cooling tune up, call Buckeye Heating & Cooling!

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