Buckeye Heating & Cooling is a leading indoor air quality team in Powell, OH. According to the EPA, indoor pollution is among the top five environmental disasters. Toxic chemicals and allergens can have adverse effects on your health and could even damage your valuables. That’s why at Buckeye Heating & Cooling, we recommend air quality testing to address pollution for the safety of your Powell home.
    Indoor Air Quality in Powell, OHOur company is on Proprietors Road, a minute drive from the Ohio Railway Museum in Worthington. Our team is always ready to serve you regardless of where you are in Delaware County.

    Dependable Indoor Air Quality Service in Powell

    Modern homes are built to withstand the harsh elements of the weather. Therefore, the design of the building may involve sealing parts of the interior. Unfortunately, pollutants can accumulate, especially if there are multiple occupants or activities that could introduce toxins.

    There are many sources of indoor air pollution in your home. In most homes, the allergens are usually pet dander, dust mites, pollen, and mold spores. Although they appear mundane, those pollutants can have severe health effects for people with respiratory problems.

    The activities taking place at a given time will determine the indoor air quality of your home. Some renovation tasks like painting or sanding can raise the levels of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). Second-hand tobacco smoke is also a dangerous pollutant. Environmentalists consider it to be among the most harmful indoor pollutants.Worthington's Indoor Air Quality Experts

    There are several other contaminants that may get in your home.

    • Nitrogen dioxide from combustion processes
    • Formaldehyde from household products
    • Carbon monoxide from faulty vented appliances
    • Lead from old paint
    • New furnishings, upholstery, or deteriorated building material

    Keeping your home clean and ventilated is a practical way to minimize the risk of harmful indoor pollution. If there are occupants who are allergic to biological contaminants, consider investing in an air purifier. A purification system will capture the allergens and eliminate contaminants to keep your home safe and cozy.

    Acclaimed Air Quality Testing Services

    You can rely on Buckeye Heating & Cooling‘s team for trusted air quality testing solutions in Powell. Our locally owned and operated company has been serving residents since 1948. In the years we’ve been in service, we have been recipients of the Centurion Award, Google Guaranteed, and many other recognitions and awards.

    We are a Lennox Premier Dealer, and our team has experience with a wide range of air purification and IAQ solutions and systems. Buckeye Heating & Cooling also offers a 30-day warranty for all the heating and cooling services we provide.

    If you need prompt and dependable air quality solutions in Powell, talk to our award-winning team today!