When you’re searching for an indoor air quality expert in Upper Arlington, OH, don’t look further than our team at Buckeye Heating & Cooling. We perform professional air quality testing and can determine if you have high levels of pollution in your house.
    Indoor Air Quality in Upper Arlington, OH

    Indoor Air Quality Services

    Indoor air contaminants can accumulate in a home over time. They can come from pets, cooking, candles, outdoor sources and even cleaning supplies. Concentrations can be especially high during times of the year when you have to keep windows and doors in your home closed. With no fresh air coming in, particulates and vapors can build up. High levels of indoor air pollution have also been found in modern homes that were built to be energy efficient. These residences are designed to be as airtight as possible, and they often don’t let fresh air in to flush out the old. Bacteria, mold and viruses can also become airborne and be inhaled, but they can be deactivated using a UV light.

    Worthington's Indoor Air Quality Experts

    Poor indoor air quality has been linked with various problems:

    • Itchy eyes
    • Difficulty breathing
    • Heart and lung disease
    • Worsening asthma

    Our experts can explain your various options for an air cleaning system. They can help you choose from air filters, purifiers and scrubbers that can treat your entire home’s air.

    When you’re ready to get an air cleaning system in your home, you’ll want a professional to install the unit. Our team is highly experienced and will make sure that everything is done right the first time. They’ll give you complete confidence in the air circulating around your home.

    Upper Arlington Air Quality Testing

    At Buckeye Heating & Cooling, we strive to earn the complete trust of our Upper Arlington customers. We want everyone to have safe air to breathe in their homes. We can offer highly personalized services in order to meet the individual needs of each of our clients. Our company has received high ratings on many review platforms, and we’re Google Guaranteed.

    We’ve been serving this area since 1948, and every heating and air conditioning job receives our full attention from start to finish. All of our results are backed with a 30-day warranty. Our goal is to keep our air quality testing services as accessible as possible. We can offer flexible financing options on approved credit for installation of air quality products. Our business is located off of Proprietors Road in Worthington, and we’re ready for jobs of any size or complexity.

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