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Here Are the Top Air Conditioner Brands in Columbus

Columbus homeowners need reliable central air conditioners to deliver cool air and good indoor air quality over the spring, summer, and fall. If the current air conditioner in your home isn’t able to do this job, it’s best you start looking for a new air conditioning system.

As you shop for a new central air conditioner, there are many air conditioner brands that offer AC units that can work well in your home. Carrier air conditioners, Goodman air conditioners, York air conditioners, Lennox air conditioners, Heil air conditioners, Trane air conditioners, Rheem air conditioners, Bryant air conditioners, Amana air conditioners, and central air conditioners made by other brands in the HVAC industry can be excellent choices. Each AC brand has something different to offer – some air conditioner brands are known for the quietest central air conditioners, while others are popular for the most efficient air conditioners and central air conditioning units with superior warranty coverage, such as lifetime limited replacement warranty or lifetime compressor warranty coverage.

Shopping for the perfect new central air conditioner can be difficult when there are so many AC brands on the market. How do homeowners choose the best air conditioner brands to shop from? Buckeye Heating, Cooling & Plumbing helps Columbus homeowners determine the right new air conditioner for their homes as well as the leading AC brands that produce AC system equipment that fits their needs. Read on to learn more about considerations when shopping for central air conditioners as well as the top AC brands to consider.

New Air Conditioning System Considerations

All central air conditioner brands offer a number of different AC units with a range of features and specifications. Depending on the right choice for your home HVAC system, there may be many air conditioners made by many different AC brands that are compatible with your needs. When shopping for air conditioners, heat pumps, and other HVAC systems, your choices typically aren’t restricted to only one central air conditioner brand.

Because there are so many choices when shopping for air conditioners, it helps to narrow down your search a bit before you start. If you can decide on the energy efficiency rating you’d like to have as well as the right capacity for your unit, you’ll have a good position to start from as you explore the different central air conditioning brands and their products.

SEER Ratings for AC Units

The energy efficiency of an air conditioner’s performance is measured by the unit’s seasonal energy efficiency ratio. The SEER rating tells consumers how much cooling the air conditioner produces compared to the amount of energy it consumes over the average season. SEER ratings express maximum energy efficiency but keep in mind that air conditioners do not always operate at maximum efficiency.

There are a range of SEER ratings available amongst new AC units. The minimum efficiency rating available is 14 SEER, but you can get efficient air conditioners up to 25 SEER and higher. If an air conditioner has a SEER rating above 16, it is considered to be one of the efficient models.

The seasonal energy efficiency rating of your chosen AC unit impacts HVAC replacement cost as well as your ongoing electric bill expenses.

  • When choosing more efficient air conditioners, installation costs are typically higher because this equipment comes at a greater cost than lower efficiency units. The price for the air conditioner itself is usually wrapped up in the installation costs paid to your HVAC contractor. Energy-efficient air conditioners may have an ENERGY STAR label and offer features like variable speed compressors and variable capacity blowers that deliver improved energy efficiency.

  • An air conditioner SEER rating impacts costs over time as higher efficiency units use less energy to produce cool air. Your energy bills will be less when using a high-efficiency central air conditioner versus using a standard efficiency cooling system. While you may pay more upfront for a unit with a higher SEER rating, you can typically recoup those extra costs over time through energy savings.

Capacity of an Air Conditioning System

No matter which AC brand you buy from, air conditioner sizing is standard and must be precise. The term size actually refers to the air conditioner’s capacity or ability to remove heat from an area. An air conditioner’s cooling capacity is measured in BTUh (British Thermal Units per hour) or tons. 12,000 BTUh equals 1 ton, and the average air conditioner installed in a Louisville home will range from 1 ton to 5 tons in capacity.

Work with a licensed HVAC contractor in order to size your new central air conditioner properly. A qualified technician will perform a cooling load calculation to determine how much heat must be removed from the space to keep it at a comfortable temperature. When an air conditioner is too big or too small for the home, managing comfort becomes a challenge and the system suffers excess strange which wears it out quickly. Solving these issues can only be accomplished by replacing the air conditioner.

Top Air Conditioner Brands in Columbus

Columbus homeowners can shop from many top AC brands as they look for a new central air conditioning system for their homes. To determine the best air conditioner brand that fits your needs, it’s helpful to explore the many different AC brands available to you.

Carrier Air Conditioners

A Carrier air conditioner is perhaps the best-known cooling system to Columbus homeowners, as Willis Carrier invented modern cooling. A Carrier unit is trusted across the globe to provide heating and cooling in millions of homes. Carrier air conditioners are available in the Infinity, Performance, and Comfort series lines of AC units. You can find central air conditioning units with up to 26 SEER efficiency rating.

Trane AC units

The Trane AC brand is widely considered among the best central air conditioning brands. Central air conditioners are available with an energy efficiency rating of up to 22 SEER. The Trane AC brand is sometimes considered a premium brand as their cooling system equipment may have higher installation costs compared to AC units made by other brands.

Lennox Air Conditioners

Lennox air conditioners are another of the best central air conditioning brands preferred by Columbus homeowners. The Dave Lennox Signature Collection features Lennox’s best central air conditioners and units are available with an efficiency rating up to 28 SEER. You can also find energy-efficient and affordable air conditioners in their Elite or Merit series.

Goodman Air Conditioners

The Goodman AC brand is known for quality HVAC systems including air conditioners. Goodman air conditioners offer SEER ratings up to 24.5. Shop Goodman air conditioners to find reliable and affordable central air conditioning units.

Rheem Air Conditioners

The Rheem AC brand offers several options of cooling system equipment for Columbus homeowners. The Prestige series AC unit offers a SEER rating of up to 20.5 for energy-efficient performance. Their Classic and Select series air conditioners offer reliability paired with energy efficiency.

York AC Units

The York AC brand is known for some of the best central air conditioning units favoured by Columbus homeowners. In the York line of central air conditioners, you can find AC units with up to a 21 SEER rating. These air conditioners are known for operating with minimal noise and producing affordable cooling

Bryant Air Conditioners

Bryant air conditioners are one of the best central air conditioning brands for Columbus homes. The Evolution line of central air conditioners offers a SEER rating of up to 26. Central air conditioners with variable capacity or two-stage operation are available through Bryant.

Amana AC Units

The Amana AC brand offers affordable indoor comfort and energy efficiency. Central air conditioning units from Amana offer up to a 24.5 SEER rating. Select AC units offer communicating technology to maximize cooling performance.

Heil AC Units

Central air conditioners manufactured by the Heil AC brand are preferred by many Columbus homeowners. The Ion series offers air conditioning equipment with up to 19 SEER rating energy efficiency. The best Heil air conditioners offer quiet performance to minimize daily disruptions.

Air Conditioning Installation in Columbus

Shopping for a new air conditioner for your Columbus home can seem like a daunting task. There are so many top AC brands on the market, how do you know which are the best central air conditioner brands?

Buckeye Heating, Cooling & Plumbing helps Columbus homeowners evaluate the different AC brands as well as different air conditioner equipment. Our professional technicians will help you find the right new air conditioner for your home and provide top-quality installation to ensure your central air conditioner operates at the expected efficiency level and is protected from malfunctions due to poor insulation quality.

To learn more about air conditioning installation for your Columbus home as well as the many top air conditioning brands available, call us today. We will be happy to introduce you to various AC brands as well as their central air conditioners so you can find the perfect new cooling system for your home.

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