Why is my Furnace Making Noises?

furnace noises

Under normal circumstances, your furnace works tirelessly without complaining to keep your family warm and comfortable. But sometimes, furnaces become a little more vocal and begin making noises to alert you that something is awry. Knowing what sounds to listen for and what to do when you hear them will help you prevent major issues down the line. Be on the alert for these common sounds.


If you suddenly hear loud clicks coming from your furnace it could be a sign that bolts on the furnace cabinet are loose and need tightening, but there is also a more serious cause of clicking. In gas furnaces, it could also be a warning sound coming from a cracked head. Other causes include a problem between gas and the igniter or a faulty flame sensor. These problems can pose a health hazard to your family. Call a professional right away to have the cause of the clicking checked out.


If you hear a loud bang or boom every time your furnace kicks on, you may be hearing the sound of gas building up before it ignites. The bang you are hearing is a mini-explosion that occurs when the gas finally ignites. If left unchecked, this problem is likely to get worse and can lead to large explosions and cause damage to your furnace.

The rumbling is often the telltale sign that the burner is covered with dirt and grime.


If you hear a low rumbling that seems to come from inside your furnace whenever it is running, your furnace likely needs cleaning. The rumbling is often the telltale sign that the burner is covered with dirt and grime. This buildup occurs naturally over time and needs to be cleaned periodically. That’s one of the reasons we recommend servicing your furnace before the heating season begins. If you hear rumbling in your furnace, schedule a regular maintenance call to have the burner cleaned.


This high-pitched sound will send shivers down your spine, but it isn’t quite as severe as it sounds. Squealing is usually the sound of a slipping or faulty fan belt. Listen closely to determine if the sound only occurs when the fan is running. It will need to be tightened or replaced to restore your furnace to its normal quiet operation.


Rattling can be caused by a number of things, from a loose door on the furnace cabinet to broken parts in the interior. If you hear rattling that doesn’t go away, call your HVAC dealer to have it serviced.

Furnaces can make a host of unusual sounds depending on the type and age. If you hear sounds you can’t identify, call Buckeye Heating & Cooling and describe the sound over the phone. Our experts can help you pinpoint the cause and come out to correct the problem. If we discover your furnace needs replacing we can do the heating installation and even offer credit options.

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