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Grove City, Ohio sits to the southwest of Columbus in Franklin County, just outside the I-270 border. Founded in 1852, the area gets its name from the groves of beech, oak, maple, walnut, dogwood, and other trees left after the initial land clearing to settle the village was completed. Today, Grove City, Ohio is home to many attractions, dining, shopping, and cultural experiences which make the area a great place to live or visit.

While Grove City, Ohio is an excellent place to live, homeowners in the area rely on home services professionals to assist with the upkeep of their homes and to solve certain issues. For all the home’s heating and cooling needs, Grove City homeowners rely on Buckeye Heating & Cooling. With a long history in the community, Buckeye Heating & Cooling is dedicated to meeting the needs of our neighbors with solutions for any heating or cooling dilemma.

Buckeye Heating & Cooling offers comprehensive HVAC services for homeowners in Grove City, Ohio and the other communities in the Columbus area. Our services include air conditioning repair, air conditioning replacement, furnace repair, furnace replacement, and more. No matter when an issue pops up, you can always count on the help of a Buckeye Heating & Cooling professional, as our team offers emergency services at all hours.

Buckeye Heating & Cooling offers the following home services in Grove City, Ohio:

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Air Conditioning Repair in Grove City, OH

Homeowners in Grove City, OH depend on their air conditioning systems for cool interiors throughout the hot and humid midwestern summers. When air conditioners or heat pumps suffer problems such as refrigerant leaks, dirty coils, and other internal issues, it becomes difficult for the system to do its job properly. The result is poor comfort control and your electric bills will likely increase as the system must work harder when these defects are present.

Buckeye Heating & Cooling performs air conditioning repair services for homeowners throughout Grove City, OH. No matter what type of issue is affecting your air conditioner or heat pump, our team of NATE-certified air conditioning repair technicians are able to pinpoint it and find the solution to stop it. When you work with us, you are always in charge, as we don’t start the repair process until you feel comfortable and give us the go-ahead.

When your cooling system fails in the middle of the summer heat, waiting for repairs can create unsafe conditions in your home. If you find yourself facing an emergency breakdown after normal business hours, you don’t have to wait to get help from Buckeye Heating & Cooling! Call our team anytime as we are available all hours of the day and night, every day of the year, to provide the professional air conditioning repair services you need.

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Air Conditioning Replacement in Grove City, OH

Over the many years you live in your Grove City, OH home, you’ll probably experience the need to replace your air conditioner at least once. For most homeowners, this task is necessary about every 10 to 15 years, though there can be other reasons to undergo air conditioning replacement besides the age of the system. If your current air conditioner or heat pump cannot get its job done due to wear, damage, or incorrect capacity, air conditioning replacement is probably the best solution to provide the results you want – better cooling comfort.

Buckeye Heating & Cooling performs air conditioning replacement in Grove City, OH, providing homeowners with the reliable new cooling equipment their homes need for total summer comfort. When it’s time to shop for a new air conditioner, turn to our professionals to learn more about the different equipment options available to you. Once you have chosen a new air conditioner or heat pump, trust its installation will be performed without a hitch by our NATE-certified air conditioning replacement technicians.

Replacing the home’s cooling system is no small job, and it comes with a higher cost than simple repair work. If the cost of a new air conditioner is unachievable when you need it, don’t feel like you can’t get the cooling equipment you need right now! Buckeye Heating & Cooling offers financing solutions to help you access the air conditioner you need when it’s a necessity.

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Furnace Repair in Grove City, OH

Heating systems like furnaces and heat pumps do a wonderful job at keeping Grove City, OH homes nice and toasty when they’re working properly. Unfortunately, certain issues could impact your heating system at any time, causing stress that forces your furnace to overwork while its performance certainly suffers. Problems like a faulty ignitor, a cracked heat exchanger, or a fried circuit board can prevent proper heating, and some issues such as a cracked heat exchanger can create a danger for your family.

Whether you notice a change in heating system performance or your furnace stops working altogether, trust Buckeye Heating & Cooling for furnace repairs in Grove City, OH. Our NATE-certified furnace repair technicians are able to diagnose and repair all types of furnaces and heating equipment, no matter the brand or model. Let our team diagnose your heating troubles and when you’re ready, go ahead and get them fixed.

If your heat goes out unexpectedly, chances are it won’t be during regular business hours. It can be painfully cold to wait for repair service, so don’t put yourself in that situation! Call Buckeye Heating & Cooling for furnace repairs in Grove City, OH anytime you need them, as we are available overnight, on the weekends, and during the holidays.

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Furnace Replacement in Grove City, OH

Replacing your old furnace with a new unit can bring all kinds of benefits to your Grove City, OH home. A new unit offers better energy efficiency and performance than your old one, so your family can enjoy better comfort control at a lower ongoing cost. New equipment warranty coverage protects you from paying for certain costly repairs, and with good care, you shouldn’t have to worry about replacing your heating system again any time soon.

For furnace replacement in Grove City, OH, homeowners trust Buckeye Heating & Cooling. Buckeye Heating & Cooling helps you find a new furnace that will heat your home efficiently while meeting your parameters for budget and energy efficiency. All furnaces are installed by our NATE-certified furnace replacement technicians to protect your new equipment and ensure it functions properly.

If you require financial assistance when purchasing a new furnace, check out our financing programs. Find flexible repayment terms that allow you to access the new heating equipment you need without a hefty upfront expense!

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