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Located north of Columbus in Delaware County, Lewis Center, Ohio makes up part of the city’s metropolitan area. While Lewis Center, Ohio is a small community, residents have many area businesses available without leaving town. Nearby, you can spend the day hiking, swimming, or boating at the Alum Creek State Park.

Homeowners throughout Lewis Center, Ohio take great pride in maintaining their homes. Sometimes, professional assistance is needed to tackle significant issues or work that is required for the home’s mechanical systems. When Lewis Center, Ohio residents find themselves in need of heating and cooling assistance, they turn to Buckeye Heating & Cooling, a longstanding member of the Greater Columbus area.

Buckeye Heating & Cooling offers any heating and cooling service that Lewis Center, Ohio homeowners could possibly need. From air conditioning repair to air conditioning replacement, furnace repair to furnace replacement, and so much more, Buckeye Heating & Cooling will certainly keep your home comfortable, no matter the season.

Buckeye Heating & Cooling offers the following home services in Lewis Center, Ohio:

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Air Conditioning Repair in Lewis Center, OH

From time to time, a home’s air conditioning system may suffer a flaw or malfunction that prevents proper cooling in the home or stops the system from working altogether. Refrigerant leaks, compressor problems, bad blower motors, and other issues can impact the system and keep you from enjoying the efficient cooling you require throughout the summer months.

When you experience cooling troubles in your Lewis Center, OH home, call Buckeye Heating & Cooling for the professional air conditioning repair services you need. Our NATE-certified air conditioning repair technicians are quick to complete diagnostics and determine solutions, which are fully explained to each and every homeowner. Once the homeowner has given their approval, the team gets to work repairing the air conditioner or heat pump. It doesn’t matter what brand or model you have at home, Buckeye Heating & Cooling can fix it!

It’s difficult to plan ahead for air conditioning repair, as most homeowners don’t realize there is a problem until they experience a significant loss in function. Don’t worry, Buckeye Heating & Cooling works to make air conditioning repair as convenient as possible, no matter when you experience air conditioner troubles. We offer emergency cooling repairs to tend to your air conditioning system overnight, on a weekend or on a holiday.

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Air Conditioning Replacement in Lewis Center, OH

After many years of dutiful service, it will become time to replace the air conditioner in your Lewis Center, OH home. As the years pass, air conditioners sustain wear that eventually causes parts to break down and hinders the system’s ability to efficiently cool the home. When your air conditioner reaches this stage, air conditioning replacement is your best option to restore comfort.

Buckeye Heating & Cooling performs air conditioning replacement for homeowners in the Lewis Center, OH area. We provide our customers with an ample selection of new air conditioning units to choose from to ensure a good match can be obtained. Each air conditioner is installed with the skill and care of one of our NATE-certified air conditioning replacement technicians who work to keep your unit damage-free and operating without flaw.

Adding a new air conditioner to your home may not be within your budget, despite an urgent need. If you cannot plan ahead for air conditioning replacement and suffer a sudden breakdown with your existing system, there may be financing options available to help you make the home upgrades you need. Buckeye Heating & Cooling offers financing for Lewis Center, OH residents who need more flexibility when making such a large home purchase.

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Furnace Repair in Lewis Center, OH

Every now and then, something will go wrong with the furnace inside a Lewis Center, OH home, forcing homeowners to call Buckeye Heating & Cooling for furnace repair services. Minor issues that can be quickly solved such as dirty burners are easily remedied, but our staff is also able to perform more complicated repairs to get your heating system back up and running fast, such as installing new replacement parts.

For furnace repairs in Lewis Center, OH, turn to Buckeye Heating & Cooling. The Buckeye Heating & Cooling team is comprised of technicians who hold NATE certification and possess the knowledge and training needed to complete repairs on any type of furnace. No matter which furnace brand or model you have installed at home, our team can fix it. We use a thorough diagnostic process to uncover the root of home heating issues and to ensure the solutions we implement will serve as a means to correct those bothersome symptoms you feel indoors.

Going without heat in the middle of a cold night or weekend can be dangerous, even though you are inside out of the elements. Even though most HVAC companies aren’t open, you can always call upon Buckeye Heating & Cooling. The Buckeye Heating & Cooling team provides emergency repair service to help you out of an uncomfortable situation quick and restore the heating you need at home.

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Furnace Replacement in Lewis Center, OH

Once a furnace ages, its performance and energy efficiency undergo a drastic change. The burden of years of wear and tear cause the system to require more energy to function, even though its functionality may not be sufficient to meet your home’s heating needs. Once your furnace reaches this stage, furnace replacement is your best bet for filling your home with reliable heating over the coming years.

Buckeye Heating & Cooling offers furnace replacement in Lewis Center, OH to provide homeowners with the new heating equipment they require for year-round comfort. If your current heating unit isn’t getting the job done, our team will help you find a new furnace that delivers the level of performance and energy efficiency you want. Protect your new furnace with expert installation services by our NATE-certified furnace replacement technicians, who ensure skilled workmanship so your unit operates properly and doesn’t sustain damage due to human errors. With furnace replacement from Buckeye Heating & Cooling in Lewis Center, OH, you can count on reliable heating for the next many winters.

Anytime you must replace a furnace, the cost of such a project can seem overwhelming and impossible to budget for. Don’t be caught off guard by the financial aspect of furnace replacement – Buckeye Heating & Cooling offers financing programs to help you complete furnace replacement within the parameters of your budget. Gain the flexible terms you need to make furnace replacement possible now while you pay for the project over time.

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