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Situated approximately 19 miles east of Columbus in Licking County sits the city of Pataskala, Ohio. This large suburban community is well-loved for its small town, rural charm as the population is well spread out so that residents can each enjoy their own space. The business-friendly incentives offered by the local economic development office have attracted a variety of businesses to the area, allowing residents to obtain most everything they need right in their own community.

Pataskala, Ohio was first settled in the 1850s. Today, several historic homes still stand and are well cared for, amidst the newer residences that have allowed this community to grow. Whether you live in an older Pataskala, Ohio home or your dwelling was built in more recent times, comfort is surely a top priority. When heating and cooling help is needed to solve comfort challenges in your Pataskala, Ohio home, turn to Buckeye Heating & Cooling for the expert guidance and assistance you need for the ultimate improvement in your indoor environment.

Buckeye Heating & Cooling offers comprehensive heating and cooling services for homeowners in Pataskala, Ohio. Our services include air conditioning repair, air conditioning replacement, furnace repair, furnace replacement, and more to ensure your home remains comfortable at all times throughout the year and changing seasons.

Buckeye Heating & Cooling offers the following home services in Pataskala, Ohio:

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Air Conditioning Repair in Pataskala, OH

Homeowners in Pataskala, OH depend upon air conditioners, heat pumps, and ductless mini split cooling systems to keep their homes at a comfortable temperature when the summer heat rages. If the system is impacted by a faulty component or other hindrance, it will not be able to cool your home to the level you expect or with the efficient performance you’re used to. In times like these, it pays to have a local cooling technician you can turn to for help.

Buckeye Heating & Cooling offers air conditioning repair services in Pataskala, OH to help homeowners restore air conditioner performance and maintain comfort inside the residence. Our staff of NATE-certified air conditioning repair technicians are able to diagnose and fix any issue affecting any air conditioner or heat pump, no matter which brand or model you have installed at home. We put you in full control of the repair process, taking the time to educate you on our findings as well as the repairs that will solve your problems, and we don’t start our repair work until you give us the OK.

Buckeye Heating & Cooling believes air conditioning repair should be as convenient as possible for anyone working with our company. We aim to service your cooling system with as few visits as possible, so our team arrives at every appointment complete with various tools and parts required to perform many common air conditioner repairs. Anytime you experience a cooling system malfunction or failure after hours, you never have to wait another day or more to get in touch – contact Buckeye Heating & Cooling for emergency air conditioner repair anytime and our team will be at the ready to assist you.

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Air Conditioning Replacement in Pataskala, OH

If your Pataskala, OH home lacks a reliable air conditioner, heat pump, or ductless cooling system, your home probably isn’t a very comfortable respite from the summer heat. Age, wear, and other defects cause an air conditioner to lose performance power and energy efficiency, leading to comfort struggles and higher cooling costs for Pataskala, OH homeowners.

Air conditioning replacement in Pataskala, OH is performed by Buckeye Heating & Cooling on a regular basis. We help area homeowners make cooling upgrades that deliver better comfort control and lower cooling costs. Compare equipment options with the help of our knowledgeable staff and choose a new air conditioner that meets your capacity needs as well as personal preferences. With our NATE-certified air conditioning replacement professionals performing all installation work, your new cooling system is well protected against damage resulting from installation error and you can rest assured your new cooling system will offer the expected levels of performance and energy efficiency.

If the cost of air conditioning replacement is out of reach when your home is due for this upgrade, you may think your only choice is to go without reliable cooling until you can access the funds, no matter how long that may take. Luckily, Buckeye Heating & Cooling offers financing solutions for Pataskala, OH homeowners who need to make air conditioner upgrades now. Find a financing solution that allows you to purchase and install a new air conditioner today and pay it off over time!

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Furnace Repair in Pataskala, OH

Does it feel like the furnace in your Pataskala, OH home isn’t working to the same level it once did? Are you experiencing difficulties keeping rooms warm enough to your liking? All kinds of problems can occur within a furnace or heating unit that prevent the system from doing its job correctly, which will lead to these issues and others that cause discomfort amongst your loved ones.

Buckeye Heating & Cooling performs furnace repair in Pataskala, OH to boost furnace performance and leave homeowners with heating units they can depend upon once more. It doesn’t matter which type of furnace you have, who made it, or its model – our NATE-certified furnace repair technicians can figure out its problem and perform the fixes needed to restore efficient operation.

When heating system troubles hit after dark or on a weekend, don’t settle for uncomfortable conditions until the next business day! Call Buckeye Heating & Cooling for emergency furnace repair in Pataskala, OH, day or night, every day of the year.

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Furnace Replacement in Pataskala, OH

As the years progress, what was once a highly dependable heating system will see a decline in performance, resulting in poor temperature control that is accompanied by higher heating costs and energy waste. In this situation, furnace replacement is the solution you need to restore efficient heating inside your Pataskala, OH area home.

Buckeye Heating & Cooling performs furnace replacement in Pataskala, OH to provide residents with heating systems that they can count on for many years into the future. We work with you to find the best equipment options for your home, as we know the shear magnitude of choices available can make this decision quite confusing when attempted on your own. Your new furnace will be installed by one of our NATE-certified furnace replacement specialists to ensure the new system is free of defects that could prevent it from efficiently heating your home.

When you need a little financial help to complete your furnace replacement project, financing may be the solution you require! Buckeye Heating & Cooling offers financing programs for Pataskala, OH homeowners who wish to pay off this purchase over time.

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