May 23, 2020

When thinking about your heating and cooling system, the impact your thermostat plays may come to mind well after your furnace or air conditioning unit. But it shouldn’t. Your thermostat can make a big difference in your home and your budget. Never has this been truer than when it comes to the 3rd Generation Nest Thermostat. This brilliant technological advancement will make you reconsider how important thermostat control can be.

What is the Nest Thermostat?

The Nest Thermostat is a smart device that enables you to accurately control your heating and cooling usage throughout your home. You can control the thermostat anywhere using a Wi-Fi-enabled control application that works with iOS and Android devices. Compared to other “smart” thermostats, the Nest actually learns from a combination of your input and its sensor readings, and it will begin to adjust your temperature settings based on your household’s needs within a week or two of installation. For example, it will start to realize when the house is unoccupied and adjust the temperature down to compensate, but you won’t notice as it will readjust the temperature to be comfortable the moment you walk back in the door. It can also account for the peculiarities in your house’s heat gains and losses, whether it happens to be from a drafty window or a gaming computer that’s pouring out the heated air.

The 3rd Generation is larger, brighter, and more responsive to people entering the room.

How Effective is the Nest Thermostat?

Nest installations saved over 4 billion kWh of energy by cutting the electricity costs of heating by an average of 12 percent and cooling by an average of 15 percent according to the Nest energy-saving white paper, a study governed by the Department of Energy methodology guidelines. A study of Oregon homeowners also found higher levels of self-reported comfort and satisfaction with the home environment after installing a Nest.

Advances in the 3rd Generation

Compared to the previous iteration of the Nest thermostat, the 3rd generation’s physical form is noticeably larger, brighter, and more responsive to people entering the room. This means you should be able to clearly see the temperature, time, or both — depending on how you choose to set the customizable display — even from across the living room or down the hall. You’ll also be encouraged to make energy-conscious temperature decisions by the green leaf icon that shows up when you select an optimal temperature.

Is the Nest Thermostat Right for Your Home?

If you are already using a smart thermostat, whether it’s an older Nest or another brand, then you are primed and ready to upgrade to the 3rd generation model. For those who are still using a traditional thermostat, ask your HVAC contractors from Buckeye Heating & Cooling if you could benefit from having one installed. Nest will cut a significant portion of your electricity bill by encouraging you to fine-tune your temperature control and giving you the tools you need to do so without complicating your daily life. Ask one of your trusted technicians about financing offers and incentives that you may be qualified to receive.

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